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“I’ve written numerous times over the last year about rapidly worsening perceptions of the U.S. in the Muslim world, including a Pew poll from April finding that Egyptians view the U.S. more unfavorably now than they did during the Bush presidency.  A new poll released today of six Arab nations — Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco — contains even worse news on this front” — Glenn Greenwald

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  1. LaurenceB says:

    People usually don’t like it when we invade and/or bomb and/or occupy their countries.

    Why is this always such a surprise to Americans?

  2. So are you saying that the hype about how the Arabs wanted us to step in in Libya is essentially the same as the Iraq war hype – all BS?

  3. LaurenceB says:

    Yep. But Libya’s not the whole story. I believe the drone attacks in Pakistan, the continuation of the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the sabre-rattling and semi-covert ops in Pakistan, Syria and Iran are even more damaging to our image.

    Think of it this way –

    There are a lot of Americans who hate drug dealers. But how many Americans would be pleased to see Russia begin to assassinate drug dealers (and the occasional innocent bystander) using unmanned drone missiles?

    I admit it’s not a perfect analogy, but I think it helps understand the feelings of people in the Middle East towards us.

  4. Oh, I completely agree. We definitely would not tolerate 10% of what we ask other countries to tolerate for our foreign policy efforts.

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