The 1980’s Onward

John Taylor, defends his view that post the 1970’s America entered “a period of unprecedented economic stability and growth in the ’80s and ’90s.” He writes:

No one can deny that the 1930s and the 1970s were tough decades for the economy. And job creation in the expansions of the 1980s and 1990s was amazing: There were two long expansions in the 1980s and 1990s: 1982-1990 and 1991-2001. In November 1982—the start of the1980s expansion—total non-farm payroll employment was 88,770 according to BLS historical statistics. In March 2001, the peak of the 1991-2001 expansion, it was 132,500. The difference in those 220 month was 43,730, about 44 million.  There is no other 220 month period in the post war period where so many jobs were created. Note that this is not just the Reagan expansion; it includes all of the Clinton years. And as the following graph illustrates the 1980s and 1990s were a period of “stable and sustained growth.” In fact because of the stable and sustained growth the period is called the Great Moderation which has been documented by many economists. Here is the Wikipedia entry which uses the same chart and contains many references. Unfortunately, the Great Moderation ended with the Great Recession and the non-existent recovery. 

His full defense, along with a graph, can be found here.

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  • No one wants to touch this one it seems.

    Still it’s the regulations that Obama and his Administration passed that is hampering this economy from taking off.

    That’s why big and small businesses are not jumping in.

    Now Obama did have ONE policy success, but since I am a Republican I sure as heck will not post what that is.

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  • Part 2: Understanding Overcapacity… or Lack Thereof cheap printing solutions 锘?a href=””>printing services by Gail Nickel Kailing October 3, 2003 — Graph Expo, like other major trade events, could potentially cause an undesirable case of sensory overload! Big pictures, big equipment, ever bigger booths … and crowds of attendees trudging along burdened down with rollafter roll of a good prints from the most up-to-date equipment, stacks of product brochures, plus a boat load of tsatskes (trinkets and trash) . Sometimes, however, you observe someone strolling slowly down those carpeted aisles which has a big smile on his face. Someone who looks just like a kid in a very candy store. Meet George Kallas, President/CEO of Metropolitan Fine Printers in Vancouver, British Columbia. A caveat for your editors and proofreaders from the world – George talks in exclamation points, so don’t go out your red pens… The show: It is usually a fantastic show this coming year, I’m so impressed! Last year, it almost looked just like a morgue. I was form of worried – am I from the right industry? This year, I let you know, I’m the happiest person from the place! I’m sure a great deal on the vendors are extremely happy; they’ll sell a wide range of equipment! As a printer, I’m happy because greater people I see with the show, means the greater viable the is. So I’m happy about this. Yesterday was great, and after this I can’t believe the quantity of people which might be here. It’s going for being just unbelievable! Inspiration: We’re just getting mostly inspiration and education. We use a terrific company, as well as the reason we have now an awesome company is because we check out shows such as this. I see what’s happening inside future and yes it motivates me to state “OK, I’m gonna move for the reason that direction” understanding that’s our focus. If you won’t go to your show, how could you know? You can read magazines but it is not precisely the same as kicking the tires. I should come here! I can’t wait each year into the future for the show, and buy naturally, drupa! drupa: Last time I did 7 days, and I show you, I was running from booth to booth and building to building! I’m not going to complete this time, I’m reaching old. So I’m planning to spend all 16 days there and take my own time and discover everything! I love the organization – it’s not simply printing, it’s not only manufacturing – for me it’s art, it’s craft! I love all the modern technology, the earlier technology – I just love everything over it! Printing as modern day: This is often a high-tech industry, however it’s still – just what it relies on is ink in writing, right? But it’s how quickly it is possible to get those words about the paper. That’s just what it’s going to. How nice does it look, the standard? How vibrant the colours? Digital has arrived an extended way and so they’re doing a great job, however the quality plus the price plus the colors of offset printing remain better for which we all do. We love color, then when I print a photo, I always want to create it colorful! I don’t are interested for being flat, I need it to become alive! The artist inside: I believe there’s a painter inside each certainly one of us, and I love to think the many employees at we feel the identical way. They’re artists themselves. I do say to some lot in the designers that they’re artists, but were artists too. We may make something look nice or look bad by changing the options from the ink about the press. We can improve upon it for the children. We’re not merely manufacturers. I do believe that individuals’re artists in that which you do. Not just us but everyone inside the printing industry. The technology: We’re using Printcafe, we now have Hagen. We’re completely integrated during the entire whole place through CIP4. Everything – accounting, everything – fully integrated. The only thing that is certainly left is really a final tuning because we merely got a whole new MBO folder so we’re fine tuning it today. Once that’s done – we’re totally integrated. The presses happen to be fully integrated to the not too long ago and also a half. All the colour is adjusted through the plate room. So that whenever we drop the plates in, we’re in color, probably with the initial pull. It’s unbelievable that we have now people come to discover this – Creo brought representatives coming from a company in China which includes 6000 employees – in our little company – and so they just couldn’t accept it! Fulfillment: To will along, unfortunately we cannot do fulfillment. We cannot be great at everything. In the years to come, I can’t find it being something to get a printer like us because we’re also a distinct segment market printer great for people top quality. We just desire to target might know about do best – and this’s printing and everything around it yet not fulfillment. We complete a great deal of craft books which can be shipped. We’re working on like a fine, high-end printer. We’ve been printing 10-micron screens with the last four years. We’re the one printer from the world, as outlined by Creo, that prints 10 microns, day in and outing. That’s that which you do – we simply desire to print beautiful pictures! Keeping a watch out I’m not necessarily seeing anything unusual, that I haven’t seen before. But I’m keeping track of digital printing. We’re all offset, but I can identify that there’s going for being an excellent industry for digital. We haven’t started moving because direction, but we’re keeping a watch into it. But anything else that’s in here, we about have. I read a lots of trade magazines and I utilize the web lots to test everything out. I’m always pretty all-around the spot that the technology is ahead of the show, and we all usually like to get everything ahead. We like to get slightly ahead with the market. We’re excellent about the edge. That’s where we wish being because that is where we may be profitable. Isn’t this show wonderful? It’s like some type of rock concert, it’s really? Finally, finally! Thanks, George, we needed that! After a few momemts with George, you merely is not tired or depressed. The sun happens, the birds sing, and own life is beautiful. Even within the middle of McCormick Place. ,Magic Bus
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  • Interview InfoTrends’ Managing Director, Charlie Pesko 锘?a href=””>printing services Paper Gift The Long, Tough Odyssey of Dealer Gerry Mulvaney And its Lessons for your Graphic Arts Industry (Part 2) ,The Right Target, The Right Product, The Right Promotion Part 1
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  • Redrawing the Franchise Box sticky labels business equipment Clouds used to connote things like gloomy moods, confused thoughts, and stormy forecasts—none of which especially conducive to business. Now the collective cloud in the Internet is how every forward-looking business wants to get. Among the most recent arrivals in this digital land of opportunity is Pitney Bowes. ,Free Special: Your First Look at the 9110m: Robert S. Taylor of NexPress
    Step 10. Developing the variable print “click charge” matrix. Using a “click charge” of $17.41 per 100 copies from Step 8—which include paper and ink—and adding the $19.00 file preparation charge from Step 9, the 100-unit base cost inside cost matrix is $17.41 + $19.00 = $36.41. Each 100-unit increment adds $17.41 to make the matrix. ,round stickers green christmas wrapping paper

  • Finishing and Quality Control for Variable Data Printing Projects reliable office supplies online custom printed shipping boxes David Murray, – PART ONE ,What Kind of Day Has it Been?
    By John Giles More than 1 / 2 in the print buyers asserted print suppliers were doing an affordable to poor job communicating meaningful differentiation using their company competitors. February 18, 2005 — Asking customers what they have to want inside a printer is a from the easiest things a sales rep can perform. What does the client expect at a printer? What makes the consumer happy having a printer? Printbuyers Online ( recently reported that 69 percent in the print buyers they surveyed felt they knew more that this printing sales rep. In another survey, 88 percent of people surveyed said they wanted printers to take new ideas in their mind. In another survey, in excess of 50 % on the print buyers stated that print suppliers were doing a reasonable to poor job communicating meaningful differentiation using their company competitors. How with regards to you? Do you already know a little more about printing than your prospects? Do you bring new ideas in their mind and inform them how that you are different from your printer across town? Printers need to be aware that they could offer more appeal to your customer by progressively more of any partner rather over a vendor. Printing is competitive and printers need to become better communicators as long as they anticipate to profit. Print buying is approximately price, but there exists always one other reason that creates a print buyer opt for a printer. For instance, price is going to be less of the concern should the printer adds value a toronto injury lawyer product knowledge plus the power to bring new ideas on the customer. Printers ought to recognize that they could offer more quality for the customer by more and more of any partner rather when compared to a vendor. Printers may start by demonstrating their knowledge. What would be the print buyer’s budget? What factors are planning to affect the cost with the print order? Does the client know that this kind of paper, run length, ink colors and handle size affect the cost? Does the consumer discover how to produce digital files properly to prevent the excess valuation on making the file print-ready? Too often, sales representatives assume paper buyer knows exactly whatever they want. What paper buyer wants is assistance and advice. Sales representatives assume paper buyer knows exactly whatever they want. What paper buyer wants is assistance and advice. The better printers open lines of communication with all the customer. They are proactive and give suggestions that could either help the buyer control costs or have the printed order more potent. From the survey it would appear that print buyers are coping with order takers as opposed to sales guys. These surveys show where printers can obtain a competitive advantage. Better-educated sales representatives will be the initial step. Printing associations give you a assortment of training material. Online resources can expand a sales agent’s knowledge base. In today’s printing market, knowing where to discover the solution is really as significant as understanding the answers. Customers want their sales representatives to certainly be a resource. The successful printer could be the one that helps customers discover more concerning the printing process. Having an educated sales guys is a approach to gain an edge, but a majority of printers still look alike to print buyers. So printing companies need to want to do something to produce themselves stick out. One way has an infrastructure that creates paper buying experience easier. Online ordering and proofing, contact information for that sellers, easy-to-use file transfer systems, automatic PDF-creation programs and internet sites packed with resources can be a few strategies printers start to take a look totally different from paper shop outside. Many printers already have a very number from the elements, however they haven’t trained their sales representatives the best way to utilize them. If the sales people doesn’t know they’ve already approaches to make buying easier, the client won’t ever know. Print buyers need to know more to do with printing. They want paper buying experience for being easy. According to your Print Buyers Online survey, printers are offering the education that print buyers want. The successful printer is gonna be the main one who helps the consumer get more info in regards to the printing process. ,box packaging stationery supplies

  • Grant Morris Explains How Buying Magazine Printing Online Can Be as Painless as Ordering A Batch of Business Cards Book Printing packaging boxes Water based inks as an alternative to oil according to ink jet machines ,The Twelve Days of Printers鈥?Christmas
    The printing industry continues to seem at the best way to improve processes minimizing the environmental impact of printing. Kodak’s new plates support the promise of fulfilling both goals. ,Office Supplies printing in china

  • シミにはビタミンCを多く摂る食生活が大切と言われていますが、化粧品メーカーの技術力が進歩した最近では、シミそのものを消す化粧品が人気になっていますよね。

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  • Manufacturing Still in Contraction medical office supplies print stickers -3.0% ,Helping Printers To Be 鈥淢ore Professional and Industrial鈥?
    The industry like a whole happens to be considerably more sophisticated concerning the issues of remaining profitable. Printers are realizing that saying ‘I’m an advertisement printer’ is don’t a very good business structure. ,how to self publish a book green christmas wrapping paper

  • FREE: EFI & Jetrion: Good Deal for EFI, Bad Deal for Flint Ink packaging boxes printing solutions RP: Another dilemma is poor communication among departments, by way of example, new purchases within the prepress area being created using minimal consideration for future integration together with the postpress department. Planning ahead for full a plant renovation, regardless of whether it can be done one department in a time will save substantial money. It’s like getting a number of snow tires inside summer since they were on discount sales, however, if winter occurs you uncover it doesn’t suit your vehicle. Automation was made for your convenience and benefit from the entire facility. Properly installed, and provided its operators undergo sufficient training, new equipment should yield a extremely effective shop run by employees which has a positive attitude. ,Delphax elan Set for 1Q2016 Commercial Availability
    So how, then, does the essential “trick” of mass customization expand beyond its basic, introductory concept? The answer is the fact that it already has. In today’s robust, digitally-driven world, we discover ourselves awash in mass customization. Online, we’re seeing dynamically-generated ads which use “big data” to present us with offers that match our needs, our wants, our locations. When this really is finished with subtlety and tact, the effects might be truly engaging. Further, we’re becoming accustomed to mass-customized items: photobooks, truly-personalized handmade cards, one-of-a-kind decorated garments, posters, and banners. A little money and a almost no time, and yes it’s yours. On an increased scale, customization is beginning to affect our automobiles, interior wallpaper and fabrics, custom printed, and sized clothing. It’s here. It’s growing. ,Office Supplies packaging boxes

  • The Label Sector; excerpts from 2012 PRIMIR Research office stationery carton box manufacturer What may be known is the fact the Niagara can be a B3 (19.7” x 13.9”), cut-sheet press which uses Kyocera piezo inkjet heads and Canon-developed aqueous inks. Niagara’s heads are like those seen in Océ’s ColorStream continuous-feed inkjet presses, while its pre- and post-processing technologies are derived through the Océ VarioPrint 6000 distinct high-speed electrophotographic presses. ,Cadmus Still Feeling Pains From Lancaster Press Consolidation: Summary of Q3 Earnings Call
    By Dr. Joe Webb Published: July 6, 2010 ,package printing label printing

  • William printing solutions Book Printing A Message to Printers Attending Print 09 ,InterQuest: Private Sector Talent Transforming Government In-plants
    Cunningham visited San Luis Obispo to discover partnership possibilities with Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department and NYU’s enter in Graphic Communications Management and Technology, as both universities were preparing students to go into a similar industry; Cal Poly was preparing undergraduate students and NYU was preparing graduated pupils. He conferred with me at night as I was the longtime Department Head of Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication Department, and together we created “feeder” program providing opportunities for Cal Poly Graphic Communication graduates to penetrate NYU’s program. The premise was that Cal Poly graduates were so organized using a grounding inside structure and issues from the industry how they could well be uniquely capable of enter and also be successful in NYU’s demanding graduate program. This premise has proven for being true for up to a decade. ,Box Printing Office Supplies

  • Economic Round-Up, One for your Books, PowerPoint Comments booklet printing office supply companies Nipson will probably be in North Hall in Booth 12049. If you’d love to build a consultation, please contact Susan Maki at 847-357-9210 via email ( or maybe swing through the booth! ,Wandering the Aisles at GraphExpo
    Turning the Keys to Convergence An Interview with Tim Kelly, ,gift wrapping sticker labels

  • The Internet Design Industry: a Harbinger of Things to Come? Book Printing Label Printing Fred Rolando is President on the National Association of Letter Carriers. Participating around the panel discussion of values layer, Mr. Rolando said, “A mindset change (at USPS management level) is was required to replace revenue. Legislation will not exist allowing (expansion into new items).” “USPS doesn’t have a very strategic plan or perhaps a management team able to replacing revenues.” As for repurposing into different jobs, Mr. Rolando asserted, “80% (labor cost proportion of USPS total costs) can be a large amount for which labor does at USPS! Normal attrition will reduce labor count adequately.” ,International Paper: Profitable First Quarter, But Caution Remains
    In one among his recent audio charts for WhatTheyThink, Dr. Joe Webb estimates that from 2007 to 2009, the printing industry could have lost as numerous as 2,844 establishments and 64,700 employees. But understandably alarming shrinkage, says Dr. Joe, printing businesses continue to become born “within the radar screen” as firms relaunch in new guises or, typically, win new leases on life by merging for some other firms. ,packaging boxes Paper Gift

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  • Economic Roundup, Budget Fun & Games, The Sappi Campaign color print wholesale gift wrap Over recent years weeks I’ve done my justifiable share of traveling, and I’ve realized the amount of products have changed in only a small amount of time. The understanding of hotels without broadband or wireless is simply unthinkable. Broadband is everywhere for your business traveler. I’ve been reminded about security as I was sitting within a doctor’s office and I was competent to hop on his or her wireless network without having a problem, that was nice and surely forced me to worry, especially if they were bragging relating to paperless workflow. If I became a hacker, I bet I could figure an easy method of obtaining in that don’t have them knowing it. ,Breakthrough Technology from Heidelberg Checks Color on Every Sheet, Hastening the Advent of Full CIM Capability for Offset Litho Production
    Dscoop, the Digital Solutions Cooperative, recently appointed Mike Fogarty becasue it is new Global Executive Director to switch long-time Executive Director Eric Hawkinson, now at Canon. Senior Editor Cary Sherburne spoke with Fogarty for more information on why he joined the corporation and what he expects to attain there. ,product boxes box packaging

  • So, Dr. Joe, Where’s All That Inflation You Warned Us About? printing in china cheap printing solutions Behind the smiles, though, lay an archetypal success story—an instance study into why the bedrock with the printing industry remains its family-owned firms. The Staibs, now inside their fourth generation of ownership, have made all the right moves in relation to market identification and technology investment. The fact of the company’s longevity bears that out, as also does their expansion and prosperity during recessionary times that brought a number of other printing businesses down. ,Graph Expo 2010: Back for the Future
    By David Zwang Published: February 5, 2013 ,锘?a href=””>printing services Paper Gift

  • Updated Printing Industry Capacity Utilization Data 鈥?Not What Everyone Thinks It Is custom gifts self adhesive labels Some sellers require a guaranteed minimum payment like a hedge against harm to customer relationships. However, picking the appropriate buyer should eliminate this like a concern. ,A New Productivity Medium: How today鈥檚 top print firms staff their plants.
    Creo 聺 sales up year over year ,gift wrapping paper custom vinyl stickers

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