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“Save for the one transcontinental line that received virtually no subsidies (J.J. Hill’s Great Northern), the building and operation of the other three lines were contaminated with graft, fraud, and corruption – of which the Credit Mobilier scandal is only the most famous instance.  And on top of these shenanigans that predictably happen when government doles out subsidies were other, equally predictable results: shoddy construction, bloated costs, and inefficient and unsafe operation of the lines.” — Donald J. Boudreaux, professor of economics

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  • They do due it but usually through back channels, and they still have to go through the process, but if it does not pan out? Then no.

    I love this topic “I just got to say/type that”.

    It amazes me that President Obama would do this with a technology we DON’T HAVE, and the resources we DON’T HAVE.

  • http://ocsenergy.anl.gov/documents/docs/OCS_EIS_WhitePaper_Wave.pdf

    Anyways this is the type of green energy that I get into, and on top of it all the type of green energy that Obama wants WILL make us more energy Dependent.

    It really is a disastrous policy to pursue that Obama wants.

    By the way;

    Hispanicpundit this IS the ONLY site where I would Dare post this type of information.

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