Ricky Perry For President?

I gotta be honest, I haven’t been following the presidential candidates for 2012 as closely as I’d like, but I also gotta say, this took balls on Rick Perry’s part and for that, he is my current favorite candidate for 2012:

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDZNWc50-eY] [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la2yvb063yY]

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  • You surprised me on this one. Am I rubbing off on you? He sounds like a liberal.

  • No way dood. He sounds like a typical libertarian economist. Look at his other policies. Probably (like I said, havent been following too closely) more libertarian economist than the other probable candidates.

  • Haha no man, no way. I agree with pundit!

  • Same here…not the best debater, but at this point we need some straight talk, Perry and Cain have my vote right now.

  • From the recent debate at the Reagan Library. First, here’s some of the insanity:

    * Paul wants to abolish the FDA, and aircraft controllers, and medicare, and FEMA, and school lunches. (In another debate, abolishing the EPA seemed popular even with the non-Paul candidates!)
    * Romney lies about Obamacare to make it sound worse than Romneycare.
    * Bachmann defends her absurd $2/gallon promise.
    * Perry tries to fool people into believing he didn’t write that Social Security should never have been established.
    * The candidates take forceful positions against policies for requiring vaccinations for children. Perry apologize for having done such a dastardly deed.
    * Huge rounds of applause for candidates who are so divorced from reality that they think building a logistically improbably “fence” along the southern border will actually solve illegal immigration.
    * Candidates who advocate “enforcement first”, completely dodge the question of what to do next.
    * Herman Cain is seemingly clueless on the whole topic.
    * Ron Paul suggests that the fence on the southern border could eventually be used to keep us in.
    * Everyone agrees that Obama has made us more unsafe. Nobody can effectively explain why.
    * Every candidate confirms that they would reject a budget compromise with ten times as many budget cuts as tax raises.
    * Perry uses some sort of weird, flawed analogy with Galileo to support his own rejection of science.
    * Romney advocates the elimination of the capital gains tax “to help the middle class”.

    And, now for the sanity:

    * Huntsman said it was ridiculous for a candidate to promise $2 gas.
    * Huntsman pointed out that increased legal immigration was a good answer to illegal immigration.
    * Huntsman spoke strongly in favor of bringing the troops home from Afghanistan. Paul too. Other candidates wishy-washy. Perry incoherent. Santorum is the neocon candidate.
    * Huntsman pointed out that 98 out of 100 climate scientists believe in climate change.

    So, I guess given the insanity vs. sanity ratio, pretty much any sane comment at a Republican debate is remarkable. And in that spirit, I say…

    Hurray for Perry!!!

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