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“As a side note, the Communist Party has also given their endorsement.  While Communists are certainly responsible for more deaths and misery than the Nazis could ever dream of, at least their intentions were good, so I’ll give them a pass.” — Post on the very liberal DailyKos blog

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  • Here in D.C. they are trying to make the Occupy wall streeters look like saints.

    It’s silly season around here.

  • Really? All you’ve got is “nutpicking”? That’s it HP?

    I hate to be mean, but this blog just hit a low point.

  • I’m a little confused here. The entire post was satire. Or did you get that, and I’m not getting that your post is hyper-satire.

  • Can’t we ALL just NOT get Along? 🙂

    Anyways I’m having a ball with the OWS crowds. But just so you know LaurenceB your group is after the youth vote.

    Oh!!! But here is some thing really funny; I know alot of hardcore democrats, and a couple of them I told them that in all seriousness that I would partner up with them to bring jobs back to America.

    As they were going back home they told me that they nearly crashed their cars when I told them that.

  • You see Laurence, I got several Democrats some High Level jobs just to prove it “No strings attached”.

    The information was out there, but no one was really sure, and the democrats here in D.C. know that I am Hardcore Republican and I am NOT changing.

  • Fernando,

    I’m responding, since you sent a couple of things my way.

    First, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Second, I don’t know what “my group” is.

    And I guess that pretty much covers it.

  • OWS is the democrats answer to the Tea Party Movement.

    Secondly in D.C. the democrats I know ARE highly connected within the democrat party, and I’m also connected, and so lets work with each other.

    No response from the democrats’ to-date. This Republican has put out, the democrats are remaining silent.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what it means.

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