David Henderson On John Stossel Discussing Ron Paul And Foreign Policy

It makes me think my friend Jon is more right on foreign policy than I give him credit for. Video can be found here. David Henderson discusses it here and in the comments.

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  • David R. Henderson


  • A good discussion and thanks for the plug, HP. David, if you are still listening from what I can tell it looks very clear that Iran is not building a nuclear weapon, so I was surprised to see you and Stossel claim that they probably are. There’s an interesting interview with Seymour Hersch at the Democracy Now link, and the FAIR link talks about how Leon Panetta says they are in fact not developing a nuclear weapon.



    Hunt also offered the canard that Iran’s stated position is the destruction of Israel. Only in the US media is this canard taken seriously.

  • David R. Henderson

    I think you’re right. I was trying to moderate John Stossel by saying “mabye.” That got him bargained down to “probably.” My mistake was in then agreeing. He caught me totally off-guard. “Probably,” to me and to most people, means a probability greater than 0.5. I think the probability is well under 0.5.

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