The Logic Of The Left

My good friend Jon, one of the smartest leftists I know, argues that looting isn’t really so bad if you compare it to the legal “theft” done by Mitt Romney types:

Who is harmed when a TV is stolen from Best Buy? Not the person that made the TV. He’s in Mexico making $1 an hour or so and he has already been paid. Not the workers at Best Buy. Their salary doesn’t change. In an economy where corporations have record cash and only hire to meet the demand the people harmed are the investors. The poorest half of people in this country don’t own any stock, so they obviously are not harmed. By and large it’s the richest people in the world that are harmed when a poor person steals a TV from Best Buy.

Mitt Romney made $20 million in 2010 and he didn’t work. He’s the kind of guy that gets the largest share of the money due to the profits generated by workers. So you can kind of see why the right wing would want to shoot a black man for stealing a TV. He’s stealing from Mitt Romney, a super rich guy that won’t actually notice because he already has money coming out of his ears. But so what? Serving the needs of the rich is of prime importance.

Romney doesn’t actually “steal” because “stealing” means illegally taking something. He takes the value created by the Mexican factory worker, but it’s not stealing because it’s legal. Let’s say the Mexican worker is paid $5 to make a TV. Other costs related to delivering that TV to a buyer amount to maybe $300. The TV is actually sold for $1000. So Romney gets $695, even though he may have been asleep through the whole process.

Where to even begin with such a thought process? The economics, the moral arguments, even the assumptions are all wrong. I feel like our worldviews are so far apart that it would be fruitless to even try.  Although I have tried in the past, and indeed, it has proven to be fruitless. Now I have resigned to just pointing it out, chuckling, and just shaking my head. This, my readers, is the logic of the left.

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  • I am a Christian, so I teach my cildren that taking what isn’t yours is theft. PERIOD Never have I justigfied a sin with another. At least mine isn’t as bad a his. Imagine a world where we all did that. Amd yet, we hve leaders, elected church and otherwise, who do. There are honest ways to make a buck, unfortunely our world glories those who make it at the expense of others. Judgement day will coem and, beleive it, hell exist.

  • I too am in your shoes..a VERY dear friend of mine and his wife absolutely can’t see past the very left liberal and horrible behaviors of our current Gov’t…Bush got us into two wars that cost billions is what I hear…BUT, the current Obama spending plan is justified because we are trying to clean up past screw-ups of the GOP; REALLY?!?. Budgets? Who needs them…GOP are obstructionist is what I hear from my good friends and yet the Dem’ led Senate won’t bring a budget forward to save our country…and this is okay? My friends can justify this to BTW (with nonesense like the one in your article)…when did we lose our integrity in this country!?!
    I’m in X-Genration excites me people of my age are starting to pop up as respectable leaders…if my GrandParents were indeed The Greatest Generation, thier kids (my parents and the like) are the spoiled brats running this country into the ground…yup, with friends like these, who needs enemies!

  • Please read ReyFeo’s comment above.

    This, my readers, is the logic of the right.

    As much as I disagree with Jon’s accusing Romney of theft, I disagree even more with the right’s blithe dismissal of a GOP administration that started two unnecessary and expensive wars. And, by the way, it will end up costing us trillions, not billions.

  • I assume we would all agree that stealing from a poor man is morally worse than stealing from a rich man. I like the biblical story involving David and Bathsheba. Remember Nathan the prophet tells King David a stroy about a wealthy man that takes the beloved goat of a poor neighbor rather than taking one of the many in his own flock. It’s outrageous because the rich man has so much and wouldn’t notice one less goat, but instead he takes the little the poor man has. David says that such a man would have to die and Nathan says “You are the man.”

    Where we would obviously disagree is with the notion that Romney is in fact stealing from the poor. I wouldn’t expect you to agree with me. But what I find a little strange is how you think this is off the wall. This is pretty standard hard left stuff. Have you heard the phrase “Property is theft”? Google it. It’s a famous phrase from an anarchist. For you to regard this as bizarre just says to me you’re unfamiliar with standard criticisms of Capitalism.

    It’d be as if you say you’ve heard of corporate sponsored news, and of course corporate news has a certain viewpoint. One that serves the interests of powerful corporations. But you’ve never heard of anything else. And when you first hear statements from non corporate sources you’re like “Where to begin? This is so off the wall it’s unfathomable.” You’ve never stepped outside your corporate bubble? You’ve never considered the perspective of 99% of the population? You should try it.

    There’s a long history of opposition to Capitalism. We had the whole Cold War. We had all kinds of violence all over the world on behalf of Capitalism, which of course today has sort of won. Pretty much the whole world is capitalist. But there are reasons Capitalism was opposed and if you want to regard yourself as informed you should try and understand them. The fact of the matter is few people do. Not even the so called experts.

    I heard Milton Friedman criticize Socialism based on the notion that Socialism is about government control of the means of production. Here this paragon of right wing economic education doesn’t even know what Socialism is. When you don’t know the meaning of basic words that are core to the discussion, yeah, when someone comes along and critiques you with standard definitions those critiques sound like Chinese. You don’t know what is being said or how to cope with it. You would have to step outside the bubble to understand.

  • I could hear it 1000x, and its still bizarre to me.

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