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Chicago Bloggers?

Friday, March 18th, 2011

I have a trip planned for Chicago in mid July. Any bloggers live in that area that would like to meet up? Send me an email.

Atlanta Georgia & Birmingham Alabama

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

I’ll be in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of next week and Burmingham, Alabama, on Thursday and Monday. If anybody lives in the area and would like to meet up, send me an email.

Going To Cancun, Mexico

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

…for spring break and all I’m going to say is that it’s not to see the pyramids. 😉 I’ll be back Tuesday.


HispanicCREO To Guest Blog

Friday, January 18th, 2008

HispanicCREO and I have agreed to occasionally guest blog on each others blog. So expect to see blog posts from them and you can find more of me over on their blog.

To avoid confusion, blog posts by Hispanic CREO will have, “Published By HispanicCREO” under the title whereas posts I write (or quote) will continue to have “Published By HispanicPundit” under the title.

Another Monterrey Trip

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Well its been almost a year since I visited my grandma and family in Monterrey, Mexico and given that she is in her 90’s, I want to see as much of her as I can. So in a few hours I get on a plane and head out for a much needed vacation.

Here is the reason why I make so many trips, my beloved abuelita:

I wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and will resume posting on Monday when I get back. 😀

HP Elsewhere

Monday, October 1st, 2007

For those of you interested (and for my own organization purposes) I have included a link on the right hand sidebar titled, “HP Elsewhere”. Clicking below it on the link titled, Current HP Discussions, will give you a list of discussions I am currently involved in. They will be discussions in the comments section of other blogs and forums and will only stay linked to so long as I am still watching them. As soon as the discussion dies down I will remove the link. If you would like a direct link to these discussions click here the rss feed to the discussions is here.

Enjoy and feel free to participate in the discussions as well! 😎

Going To Dallas, Texas For The Weekend

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

In about an hour I hop on a plane to Dallas, Texas for the weekend. I am in going in part business, in part personal, but anybody who reads this blog and lives in the Dallas area, shoot me an email via the contact form, maybe we can meet up for dinner or drinks (or clubbing it!) later tonight.

HP Going To Mexico

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Tomorrow at about 10am I hop on a plane to Monterrey, Mexico, to visit, videotape, and spend time with my 90 y/o grandma. I got the idea of videotaping her from my friend Oso who suggested it in one of his blog posts. Though my grandma is in very good shape, and still walks up and down the stairs to her apartment with ease, I thought that I should do it as soon as possible to avoid any regrets. I plan to ask her everything from family, to life lessons, to any message she would like to pass on to the coming generations.

In addition to Monterrey, hopefully I will be able to visit Agualeguas, Guadalajara, and McAllen all in the same trip. I don’t know if I could do them all in the short of two weeks I am away, but I am certainly going to try to do as many as I can.

I won’t be back until January 4th, so I wish everybody a great Christmas, New Years, and holiday season. See you all next year.

Blog Updates And Blog Changes

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

When I first started this blog in July of 2004, it was with the intention that it would be a place where I can store memorable articles and my thoughts on the world in general. I was hoping that in doing so, I can trace the evolution of my views across time. Being a political novice, yet someone who considers himself open to opposing views, I thought it would be a great learning experience to put my views up for public display as well as public criticism.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks of trying to write my own posts I realized two things: I am not a very good writer (damn ESL classes!), and when I do try to write well, it takes me a really long time. Fortunately, this is not the case when my views are challenged, for some reason in response to challenges I can focus enough to write decent and in the process, improve my writing skills. Well, after a few years of doing exactly that via blogging, and after many more years of participating on online forums and discussion boards, I am confident in my writing skills enough to take another shot at my second objective above.

In 2007 you will see more posts written by yours truly. The topics will primarily focus on economics and politics, but now also include personal experiences. You will also come across some of my impulsiveness, as I plan to post thoughts that I have not clearly thought out and may later change my mind on, as opposed to just views I firmly believe in. I plan to continue, though to a lesser degree, the quote of the days and posting of articles as well. However, many will be substituted with del.ic.ous link posts containing a short synopsis. Therefore I can still store my memorable articles and continue to give readers of this blog a chance to read and discuss any of the articles.

In addition, because I am switching to a more personal and ‘from the heart’ type blog, I have decided to make the blog a bit more anonymous. I want to feel that I can write about almost anything without it affecting my work, personal life, or people whom I am writing about. So I have removed my personal name, my city location, and the pictures link from my blog. I have also decided – more because of spamming than anonymity – to stop using my old email and instead use a Contact Form method to get a hold of me. Of course the writing will still come from the same HispanicPundit you have been reading before; it will just be more anonymous to the google engines and those that don’t know me already personally. This will allow me to write more about my personal life, my upbringing, my life growing up in Compton, my life as an engineer, my life lessons, my family, and many other areas without feeling that google is always looking over my shoulder.

Hopefully this objective will last alot longer than the previous one. See you in 2007!

As a final reminder, my old email will no longer be used. From now on, to get in contact with me click the ‘Contact Form’ link above. Because of the large amount of spam I have decided to stop using my old email indefinitely.

Happy Birthday USA

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

I’d blog about something today but I am out celebrating the 230th birthday of this great country of ours…blogging shall resume tomorrow.

Happy Birthday USA!

HP In Chicago

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

I have finals today and tomorrow and a few hours after my last final tomorrow I hop on a plane to Chicago to attend my twin cousins baptism. So blogging will be light, and won’t resume until after I get back on June 24th.

Also, in case any of my readers live in the Chicago area, feel free to shoot me an email, maybe we can meet up for some food or drinks while I am up there.

Great New Education Blog

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Just when you thought HP might actually be slowing down on the blogging, I bring to you a new blog that has as one of its contributing authors yours truly. is a blog that was created by the Alliance for School Choice, one of the strongest defenders and promoters of what I consider to be the #1 most promising issue for Hispanic and underprivileged minorities – school vouchers. However, the new blog is not going to be limited to school vouchers but will instead cover a wide range of education related topics, ranging from vouchers to the No Child Left Behind Act.

The new blog will include:

  • daily commentary
  • cutting edge education news
  • scheduled week-long debates between experts
  • diverse and provocative guest writers, starting with Florida Gov. Jeb Bush here

As a person who always tries to see both sides of an issue, my favorite part of the blog is this:

A unique feature on the blog will be regular week-long debates between experts on education reform topics. The first debate will involve analysts from two major think tanks, the Cato Institute and the Fordham Foundation, on national standards in education.

Debates where well qualified experts on both sides of an issue get to present their views, and you, as an outside reader, can make up your own mind. I am a firm believer that the more one learns about vouchers, the more one becomes a fan, and the debates are the perfect way to learn about vouchers without having one side distort the others position.

Scheduled contributors for the first two weeks include:

  • Jeanne Allen, Center for Education Reform, on school choice
  • Clint Bolick, Alliance for School Choice and Star Parker, CURE, on the administrative action the Alliance and CURE filed in LA and Compton school districts
  • Lori Drummer, American Legislative Exchange Council, on education spending
  • Peter Hanley, California Parents for Educational Choice, on the administrative action the Alliance and CURE filed in LA and Compton school districts
  • Dan Lips, Heritage Foundation, reviewing the new book “An Army of Davids” by blogger Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds
  • Neal McCluskey, Cato Institute, debating national standards in education
  • Sarah Natividad, blogger at Organic Baby Farm, on school reform legislation in Utah
  • Katie Newmark, blogger at A Constrained Vision, on merit pay for teachers
  • Michael J. Petrilli, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, debating national standards in education
  • Nancy Salvato, The Basics Project, on competition in education reform

For more on go here and here.

I end with the ending quote from the Jeb Bush article mentioned above:

Researchers from the Manhattan Institute, Harvard and Cornell have independently studied Florida’s private school choice programs. All three studies concluded that the threat of vouchers actually creates the greatest improvement in struggling schools. Given the choice between losing students and raising the quality of education, schools rise to the challenge and make tremendous gains.

The Florida Supreme Court recently struck down one of Florida’s three choice programs on the grounds that it created competition for public schools – the very competition that has helped drive improvement in Florida’s schools. The ruling not only threatens the future of the 733 students in the Opportunity Scholarship program, but in varying degrees could also impact the 29,641 other low-income, minority and disabled students who currently use tuition vouchers.

School choice benefits all students whether they take advantage of the opportunity or not. Our ongoing reform efforts will include changing state law, or the Florida Constitution, to protect school choice programs from activist court rulings.

Please add Edspresso to your blogroll and check back often, it should get interesting. 🙂

HP Going To Mexico

Friday, March 24th, 2006

Today from 3 — 6pm is my last final for this quarter. Soon after, I hop on a plane to Monterrey, Mexico to visit my grandma. I won’t be back until April 02, so no blogging until then.

It’s School Again

Friday, March 10th, 2006

My class schedule is in late quarter and so I have a lot of school -not even counting my normal work load – on my plate right now, so blogging will be slow for the next few weeks.

HP In San Jose/Walnut Creek Area

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Tomorrow, Friday, at 8am in the morning I get on a plane to northern California to be in a friends wedding. I won’t get back until Sunday so no blogging Friday or throughout the weekend. I wish everybody a great weekend!!!

Marriage Links Added To The Website

Monday, November 21st, 2005

In addition to an improved comments section and a new RSS feed, I have also added links to the right hand side of the website, right under ‘Recent Comments’. For those of you that don’t know what links are, they are basically a method to link and save some of your more memorable online posts, whether they are newspaper articles, blog posts, or whatever else you find interesting online. If the posts are not important enough to blog about, yet somewhat important, I will post them to links, and give you the option to read further. They should be updated on a daily basis.

For my readers that read through RSS, provided you have updated your rss feed to my new and updated feedburner feed, the links will be provided through rss as well.