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Quote Of The Day

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

“Even among recipients of bachelor’s degrees, 90 percent manage to graduate with less than $40,000 of debt. What happened to the other 10 percent is no particular mystery: they are less likely to come from wealthy families, but they attended pricier schools and paid for more years of tuition (see chart below). Compared with other graduates, these students are 20 percentage points more likely to have attended schools costing $20,000 or more a year (including room and board), and 20 percentage points less likely to have attended a public institution. Ten percent attended a private for-profit institution, compared with only 1 percent of their lesser-borrowing peers. High-borrowing students also took significantly longer to finish their degrees.” — Judith Scott-Clayton, assistant professor at Teachers College, Columbia University writing in the New York Times Economix blog